Hip-hop will always have a section for classic lyricists from all over the map. The genre started up top in The Bronx, but there are talented rappers everywhere, with plenty in Florida. Orlando's own Danny Towers came up in the game making a name for himself with songs like "Jackpot" while collaborating with longtime friends and equally talented MCs like fellow South Florida brethren Wifisfuneral ("Today") and Ski Mask The Slump God ("Geekin" and they also have another song on the way).

In addition to that, the 23-year-old rhymer spent months traveling the world earlier this year on the Ski Meets World Tour, performing songs new and old—"Trauma" and "Monkey Nuts," to name a few. However, Danny Towers is raw all on his own. Of course, he proves just how nice he is with his freestyle for XXL's What I Do series.

Danny shows off his lyrical chops early. "I got Lazarus on my neck, I'm hazardous with the pack/I got the iron on me, the irony, an activist with a Tec," is a clever batch of bars. He seems to be just warming up as he picks up the pace with more sharp lines. "I hate this rap shit, but I'm passionate nonetheless/They want me to fall off like the ash on my cigarette/They jealous I'm getting lettuce, I splash ’em with vinaigrette."

The art of rapping itself isn't too difficult for Danny, but he still puts the time in. "Ninety-nine percent of the songs I have on SoundCloud are one-takes," he tells XXL. "If not every day, every other day, man, I try to get in [the studio]. Even if I'm not necessarily laying shit down, just working on the craft. Writin', tryna get better."

He also doubles down on the importance of working on your skills as an MC. "All I could tell people is stay in the studio, work on your craft, bro, perfect your craft," he shares. "If you're in the studio long enough, you're gonna get good."

Catch Danny Towers' freestyle up top and let us know what you think of his bars.

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