So it turns out Danny Brown is a huge fan of G Herbo's new debut album, Humble Beast. He indicated as much in a few tweets Friday morning (Sept. 22), when he implored other young rappers to write songs more like "Malcolm," the eighth track on Herbo's new LP.

The track tells the tale of Malcolm, a Chicago teen who, like many, many others from his neighborhood, gets embroiled by the street life. "Please young up and coming rappers write more songs like G Herbo "Malcolm" .... do it for the culture 💯💯💯💯💯💯," said Danny, who knows more than a thing or two about storytelling.

Tweeting at XXL a bit earlier today, Danny confirmed his fandom. "Only thing I'm listening to right now 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥," he wrote. So yeah, Danny Brown is definitely feeling Humble Beast, which just dropped today.

Speaking to us about the project a few weeks back, Herbo laid out some lofty ambitions for the quality of the album. Apparently, he went into the recording of his debut with the intentions of creating a hip-hop classic.

“My album is taking so long because it’s gon’ be perfect,” the former XXL Freshman told us when he stopped by the  XXL headquarters. “I want my album to put you in the mind of [JAY-Z’s] Reasonable Doubt and [Nas’] Illmatic. That’s what I want my album to resemble, so it’s gon’ take time. You can’t rush it.”

Herbo also had his loyal followers to consider. “My fans, when they want music, we give ’em music," he continued. "You don’t get the album, you just get music. It’s about timing, it’s about the steps that we take to make sure my album is what it is. I could drop my album today and then it’s not what I want it to be, so I’ll be upset, everybody will be upset.”

Check out Danny's praise-heaping tweets below.

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