It's only been a year since Danny Brown dropped his album Atrocity Exhibitionbut the Detroit rapper is already gearing up for another project produced by a "legendary" hip-hop figure.

During a recent interview with Complex, the "Really Doe" rapper revealed he's working on a new album which is being handled by a single producer. "I'm working on my next album right now," he said. "I can't really talk too much about it. I would just say it's being produced by one producer, who's legendary in hip-hop. And it's gonna be a big deal."

While Brown wouldn't reveal anymore details, he did respond to a fan on Twitter who tweeted, "Knowing @xdannyxbrownx the producer is probably someone y'all haven't named yet. keep guessing though." The rapper quoted the tweet, replying, "Not even close."

Elsewhere in his interview, Brown discussed his future touring schedule and revealed music would no longer be his number one means of income. "So I'm not hopping up and waking up for a dollar just to make music anymore, where I probably would've two years ago," he said. "And I'm not Drake or Kanye-rich to say shit like that. But I'd rather put that money or that time into something else that might make me more money in the future."

Up next for Brown, the rapper's documentary, Live at the Majestic, will be available on Apple Music on Nov. 7. The film follows the rapper as he makes his return to Detroit for a performance and also includes footage of his day-to-day life and early days. Peep the trailer below.

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