Fans were on the edge of their seats as they awaited Danny Brown's Live at the Majestic documentary to hit Apple Music on Nov. 7, but sadly, the date came and went without it seeing the light of day. Unfortunately, the Detroit rapper is now claiming that the the streaming service will not be releasing the film, but the details as to why are a bit cloudy.

Brown has been responding to fans on Twitter who are questioning what happened to the documentary release, claiming that Apple Music has essentially shelved the project altogether. He even tells one fan that "it's not coming out." The film covers the Midwest MC's homecoming concert at The Majestic from earlier this year, and he released a full-length trailer to tease his supporters.

While there doesn't seem to be any public statement from Brown or Apple Music as to why the documentary is not being released, many fans are questioning if it has to do with him not being a more mainstream popular artist that has a slew of songs on the Billboard charts.

Hopefully we can get some answers soon as to why Apple Music did not drop the documentary on their platform, but it does appear that the "The Appetite" entertainer is pretty devastated by the news.

At the moment, Brown is currently working on his next album, which he claims is being produced by a rap legend that he has yet to reveal.

See what Danny has to say about the documentary not being released in the tweets to fans below. XXL has reached out to Apple Music and Danny Brown's rep for comment.

Danny Brown Says His Apple Music Documentary 'Live at the Majestic’ Isn’t Coming Out

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