Following his controversial album Untitled, Nas took some time off and then teamed up with Damian Marley for a joint project, Distant Relatives—an expansion of their 2005 collaboration "Road To Zion," from Marley's Welcome To Jamrock album. Though the album only experienced moderate commercial success, and was unable to spawn any hit singles, the effort was praised in its Africa-related thematic cohesion, as well as for the fluidity of the musical pairing of Marley and Nas. Damian and his brother Stephen produced the record, which melded hip-hop, reggae, and African sound bases. Even without the overwhelming sales, the project did allot each established artist the opportunity to broaden their catalogues and perform new music in concert, which they've done together often in the time since the release.

Released Tracks: 13
Album Appearances (1pt): 1 = 1 pt
Officially Released Singles (2pts): 3 = 3 pts
Grammy Nominations (3pts): 0
Top 40 Singles on the Billboard Hot 100 (4pts): 0
Signature Track(s) (5pts): 0
Total: 7 points

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