Not long after posting a video where he confronted director Lee Daniels about the $2 million he is allegedly owed, Dame Dash has now hit the Empire executive producer with a $5 million lawsuit for fraud.

According to a report from Deadline, the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder is now suing Daniels after the director promised to make him the executive producer for a Richard Pryor biopic, along with five percent of Daniels' backend profits for the film but then exited the deal.

Dash's complaint claims that he and his lawyers attempted to work out a deal with Daniels but were unable to. “In response, Defendants, through their counsel, offered non-comparable alternative consideration and thinly-veiled threats," the court documents read.

The hip-hop mogul also recently spoke with TMZ Live on Wednesday (June 27) to offer more details about the situation. According to Dame, he originally lent Daniels money for the 2004 film The Woodsman. While Dash made his money back for that movie, he wasn't paid back for the money he loaned Daniels for his 2005 directorial debut, Shadowboxer.

"The movie ended up costing more, like 10 million, other investors had to get in it and I lost control. I didn't get my money back," Dash told TMZ. "This is what I consider a 'culture vulture'—someone that takes from the culture... and exploits the culture on subject matters about the culture."

Dash added that he tried to work things out with Daniels, speaking on the phone with him, but say the director continues to lie to him.

Check out Dame Dash's interview with TMZ below.

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