On Wednesday (Aug. 1), former head of Def Jam Recordings and current YouTube Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen, appeared on The Breakfast Club and the topic of Dame Dash was brought up while Cohen was asked about signing an artist with a drug addiction.

While Dash and Cohen have a long history together thanks to Roc-a-Fella Records being a division of Def Jam, Cohen claimed to have no idea who Dame was. “Who’s Dame Dash? I don't even know him. You're bringing his name up. I don’t even know him," Cohen said during the interview.

The comment led to Dash reposting a clip of the interview on Instagram and calling the music exec a culture vulture. "Thanks for this #liarCohen... for proving my point in true #culturevulture form...they make money off us and then try to erase our true history and act like the real ones never existed," Dame wrote in the caption.

Dash continued to mock Cohen in the caption and asked why Cohen can't profit off of his own culture. "Look how he disrespect yours brothers #staytuned @culturevultures_book .. and y’all see he’s unapologetic," he wrote. "He pays his bills at the expense of us... big question is why can’t he sell any rock music?...why can’t he eat with his own culture?..stop fronting on my people like you mean something... your own culture laughs at you ..."

For Cohen to say he doesn't know Dame Dash is a bit of a stretch, seeing as Dash, Jay-Z and Roc-a-Fella began working with Def Jam following the release of Reasonable Doubt in 1996. Cohen also worked closely with Jay and Kanye West.

In his Instagram post, Dash also posted an old photo of the two featuring Dash hugging Cohen as they shared a laugh.

Dash is no stranger to calling out Cohen. In 2014, he labeled Cohen a "fake CEO" and in 2015, Dash dubbed him a culture vulture for attempting to discredit what he had to say. "Just like a #CultureVulture won't answer a direct question and gonna have the nerve to try to discredit a good positive man from our culture for telling the truth in an intelligent way," Dame wrote in 2015 Instagram post.

Check out Dame Dash's Instagram post below.

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