When it comes to buzz and momentum, there's not too many rappers doing it like Charlotte, N.C. rapper DaBaby. His unique flow, sharp sense of humor and pure lyrical skills have pushed his latest project, Baby On Baby, up the charts—it currently sits at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart—along with his single "Suge," which has officially been certified gold. Plenty of rap fans want to know more about the controversial rhymer, so he came and kicked it with XXL for the latest episode of Who Am I?

After explaining how he got his rap name ("I'm mama's baby, I'm the youngest one"), DaBaby shares the rappers he came up on. "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, 50 Cent, Eminem," he starts, trailing off into an array of legends and big names in their time. His favorite rapper had one of the craziest hot streaks hip-hop has ever seen. "For the longest period of time, it had to be Lil Wayne," DaBaby says, naming him as his favorite MC. "He had shit on lock."

At a point, rap just wasn't as interesting to DaBaby anymore, so he decided to start spitting himself. "I just got bored with the shit I was hearing," the 27-year-old artist explains. "I felt like it was my real life. I just felt like I could tell the story better.' Off this idea, he told his friends to help him find studios and producers. Their support of his first song set him on his course to be who he is now, an Interscope Records artist with a gold single and a Billboard 200 top 10 project.

Towards the end of his conversation, DaBaby tells a wild story about a dispute he had on a flight to New York. "Lady sitting next to me with a muthafuckin', stankin'-ass dog," he says, detailing the source of an argument he had with another passenger. The woman asked DaBaby why he wasn't seated in first class to avoid situations like this, which he didn't appreciate. "What you sayin? Why I ain't fly first class?" he quips. "I'm gettin a lil' money now." You'll have to watch to see how DaBaby's plane ride ended.

Find out how DaBaby made it from his humble beginnings to where he is now in his Who Am I? interview up top.

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