Virginia's favorite jolly, dread-headed rapper D.R.A.M. just hit a career milestone. The smiley MC behind the infectious hit "Broccoli," featuring Lil Yachty, just scored his first-ever Grammy nomination in the category of Best Rap/Sung Performance. Together, D.R.A.M. and Yachty join the likes of Kanye West, Drake and Beyonce competing for a 2017 Grammy Award win.

"Broccoli" has had a slow and steady climb up the charts since it first dropped in April of this year. The lighthearted rhyme about girls hogging all their weed claimed the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Rap Charts in September, dethroning Drake's "Too Good." "Broccoli" will go up against Drake's "Hotline Bling," Beyonce's "Freedom" featuring Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West's "Ultralight Beam" and "Famous" on Feb. 12, 2017.

After he came down from the initial high of learning about his nomination news, the 28-year-old touched base with XXL to talk about his reaction, making his mom proud and his red carpet outfit on music's biggest night.

XXL: Congratulations! First nomination ever. I'm sure it's been a crazy day for you.

D.R.A.M.: Yeah, I've really just been somewhere floatin'.

Take me through your gut reaction to first finding out you were nominated. Where were you?

I was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in an Air BnB downstairs chillin'. I was talking with a friend of mine and it was pretty early. I was just getting outta bed pretty much and I tweeted "BBD" and then someone tweeted me back. One of the first responses was "Hope the Grammys don't snub you today." I was like, "What?" and then within like the next 20 minutes my manager, Tunde, he was like, "Yo, we fuckin' made it, yo!" and I was like, "Yo, get the fuck outta here! Yeahhhh!"

We literally just talking like, "What would happen? How would it feel?" And then I get the call from Tunde, mad loud voice! It was very, very early. I was overwhelmed. I still don't think I've gotten a good scream out yet.

What is the first thing your friends said to you?

They was like, "Grammy? Really, nigga getting nominated for Grammys out here now? That's how we do it?" On some crazy shit, runnin' and jumpin'. High-fiving almost, like niggas just slam dunked when the whole season you was tryin' touch rim. Out of nowhere, niggas just slam-dunked.

What did your parents say?

My mom FaceTimed me and so...she was really, really happy for me, like you know, the "Y-A-S-S-S-S," you know? All that.

Did you ever envision this record, such a care-free type of rap song, ever being nominated?

I believed it was a possibility once it got to the level of being worldwide. There was speculation but I never really took it seriously because it's so two ends of the spectrum with all walks of life, so who knows who's really there to judge upon it being worthy or not, you know? The fact that enough people saw that it made it past the first snip, you know, it was like sheesh! I'm able to always have that tag on me, that I'm nominated. Shout-out to Chancellor [because] he up there with Coloring Book and if he wins, then Big Baby wins, you know that!

Do you feel like this will shut up your critics now that you're Grammy-nominated?

Naw, they gon' keep on talking, but when they do talk now, they just gotta change the language a little bit. Regardless of whatever they say, now they gotta say Grammy-nominated.

What do you plan to wear on the red carpet?

"I'mma wear a plain white tee to the Grammys man/Accept all my awards in some Fords or some Taylor Gangs/Or matter of fact some slippers, bitch I slide, I don't walk through/If you want the norm then I'm the wrong one to talk to." That some shit I dropped from 1 Epic Summer mixtape, my first big break. It was on a record called "Cuchadoe," so I'mma have to incorporate a white T-shirt in that motherfucker somehow. I'm very, very, very excited to be a part of this.

And who do you plan on bringing as your date?

Oh, my momma, of course!

How do you think this will set off 2017 for you? What else are you excited for in 2017?

The Big Baby D.R.A.M. tour is projected to be a fully sold out tour. We got four locations sold out already. The only thing that the nomination will do in general is just solidify me as an artist, Yachty as an artist, J. Gramm and Rogét Chahayed as producers and...the wheels don't ever stop moving. If they do, the car is dead. You gotta keep that shit alive, you feel me?

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