What's in a name? When Fat Joe and Remy Ma took the Summer Jam stadium stage Sunday night (June 5) it could have been billed as another piece of the duo's all-out promotional tour for their upcoming Platas o Plomo album. Instead, Hot 97 listed their performance as a Terror Squad Reunion (see flyer below) causing some, O.G. T.S. member Cuban Link among them, to question how much of a reunion it really was.

"What terror squad reunion was that" Cuban Link wrote on Twitter, echoing the sentiment with a throwback Instagram post of the original Squad. Link likewise posted a crying Jordan meme that featured text reading "When Fat Joe Forgot To Bring Out Terror Squad 4 'Terror Squad Reunion" and added himself, "U guys are crazy lol." From the tone in some of his posts, it seems Cuban Link is more confused by the TS billing rather than bothered, as he's able to have a good laugh at the matter.

It's worth noting that at some point, the Terror Squad Reunion was dropped from Joe and Remy's portion of the bill, either reflecting a less ambitious title for the two or perhaps that some previously scheduled guest had changed. While some may argue that no TS Reunion is complete without Big Pun, Joe and Remy did perform a number of the fallen rapper's hits including “I’m Not A Player” and “Twinz.”

This is the trickiness of language and promises, with Cuban Link's social postings on the matter included above and below.

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