The Wiz Khalifa phenomena has reached a whole nother level of craziness.

With sold-out shows, one of the baddest chicks in game, hit records, and his
debut album flying off the shelves, Wiz can add one more thing to his list of
accomplishments. He managed to get one of his biggest fans to get a “Wiz” tat.

After pics hit the net of the 2010 Freshmn alumnus’ latest “Amb” tattoo on his thumb, a
young New York native, whose name so happens to also be Amber, rushed to the nearest tattoo
parlor assuming that his tat was inspired by her. Too bad Wiz’s girlfriend, Amber
Rose was the real inspiration. Fortunately for us, XXLMag.com has the exclusive pics
of the crazed, but bold move below... April Fools!

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