Last year, Bad Boy legend Craig Mack resurfaced in a video with a controversial pastor at Walterboro, South Carolina's Overcomer Ministry Church. Now, authorities are investigating his pastor, Reverend Ralph Stair, for allegedly touching an underage girl's breast.

According to local South Carolina news outlet Live 5 News, a former Overcomer Ministry attendee recently posted a video claiming Reverend Stair and his "church" are really more of a cult-leader and a cult, respectively. In the video, we hear Stair ask the girl to stand up before asking if he can touch her breasts. In an effort to preserve the safety of the girl, the news station edits out the footage of the underage girl, leaving only the audio.

In another part of the video, Stair, whom the narrator calls a "master manipulator," asks a 12-year-old girl to step to the front of the church before he utters a few very disturbing statements. "I'm gonna touch them things till' nobody else can touch them," he says. After that, he allegedly cups the girl's breasts.

The news outlet also reports Rev. Stair was previously arrested for "sexual assault for improperly touching two young female church members."  Stair ended up pleading guilty to reduced charges and ended up serving two 30-day jail sentences. He was given credit for the time he had already served.

The local sheriff's office has looked at the video, as well as a second one where a 16-year-old girl claims Rev. Stair molested her. They have yet to file charges against the controversial pastor, and when the news outlet attempted to reach Overcomer Ministry employees for comment, they didn't get much cooperation.

XXL has reached out to the Overcomer Ministry for comment.

Watch the news story detailing these events in the video below. | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

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