Cozz season is upon us. On late Sunday night (Feb. 4), the Los Angeles-bred, Dreamville-repping rapper unveiled the official tracklist for his forthcoming debut album, Effected, which drops on Tues., Feb. 13. It looks pretty loaded.

Checking in at a solid 14 tracks total, Effected includes features from Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Curren$y and Garren. He dropped his Curren$y featuring track, "Badu," a couple weeks back.

Cozz also dropped off some new music around the time he unveiled the Effected tracklist. This track's called "Bout It," and it features Garren. On the Meez-produced track, which features a subdued instrumental, Cozz spits about the distrust he feels for those in his personal life.

"I ain't perfect, I don't judge nothing, but fake vibes gotta run from it/Duck from it, no love from it, your world don't come from it," Cozz spits on the cut.

Cozz also delivered a pretty epic freestyle while pulling up to the L.A. Leakers to freestyle over Dr. Dre's classic 2001 track, "Fuck You." Over the course of a few minutes, he showcases exactly the sorts of skills that made J. Cole sign him years ago.

Check out Cozz's Effected tracklist for yourself below. Listen to Cozz's new song and his freestyle on the L.A. Leakers beneath that.

Cozz's Effected Tracklist

1.  "Questions"
2.  "Hustla's Story" Feat. Kendrick Lamar
3.  "Ignorant Confidence"
4.  "Demons N Distractions"
5.  "Freaky 45"
6.  "Proof"
7.  "Badu" Feat. Curren$y
8.  "Bout It" Feat. Garren
9.  "VanNess"
10. "Effected"
11. "My Love"
12. "That's The Thing"
13. "Zendaya" Feat. J. Cole
14. "Not A Minute More"

Dreamville / Interscope Records
Dreamville / Interscope Records
Dreamville / Interscope Records
Dreamville / Interscope Records

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