Either these fools out here are fearless, or Marion Suge Knight is losing it.There's no way in hell Suge would have been tested so repeatedly ten years ago.  If my memory serves me right, the Mighty Mos Def made some wild accusations during a performance at Los Angeles' House Of Blues nearly three years ago. "Tell me who shot my man, Suge? Who shot Biggie, Tupac and Jam Master Jay," Mos shouted from the HOB stage. "We fear nothing." I remember reading about it and thinking, "shut up, Mos, shut up!" At the time, I was still banking on Pretty Flaco to redeem 2004's The New Danger, so the last thing I needed was to read a, "rapper/actor thrown off balcony" headline. Sure Snoop Dogg had been taking shots at the Death Row founder, but they paled in comparison to Mos' allegations.Anyhow, since then, dudes have been testing Suge left and right. Dude got shot at Kanye West's(of all people) pre-MTV VMAs party in Miami later that same year, the homie Ralphige pranked called him late last year and some dude just knocked him the fruck out this past weekend.Suge Knight Prank Call [Audio://townsquare.media/site/812/files/2008/05/suge-knight-prankbangers.mp3]According to early reports, Knight was sucker punched by a man he and his goons beat down over a debt. But word is now spreading that Knight could have been taken out with a crow bar. Photos of night's chin checker are now surfacing and it turns out that dude is only 5' 10" and 173 lbs. Damn! Dude even photographed his knuckles, one of his knees and elbows to show his knockout scars. I doubt Suge will let that one slide. As hefty as Suge is, dude isn't likely to crumble under nobody's sucker punch. A crow bar ought to do the trick, though.Keep it funky. I know some of you listen to some of these rappers talk tough and think you could whoop they ass if it came down to it. I remember interviewing Prodigy this past fall. It was just me and him in the room (no handlers, no publicists) and dude was just talking real greasy when giving some of his answers. Mind you, I'm no thug. But I couldn't help but think, "if this dude tries something, I'm serving him." I've seen Jim Jones scream on dudes twice his size (pause) and dudes wouldn't do anything about it. The thing with Jones is that he talks such good trash that you start thinking, "that dude would whoop my ass." I doubt he knows karate or anything, though. I remember meeting Suge at the BET Awards in LA last year and a physical confrontation was the furthest from my brain. Dude shook my hand and damn near dislocated my shoulder.Trying Suge is apparently the new thing next to youtube, ringtones and rapper blogs, but I'll pass. What do you guys think? Did dude use a crow bar or his bare hands? If Suge was to approach you, would you fight or run? If not the latter, I'd reach for the nearest crow bar. Speak on it.