Don't ever count Cory Gunz out. The Bronx rapper and son of Peter Gunz may not have dropped anthing in a while, but he can still rap circles around some of today's new school acts. Gunz stopped by Hot 97 recently (March 3) to chop it up with Funkmaster Flex and spit a new freestyle. With determination in his eyes and conviction in his delivery, Cory Gunz attacks the beat for a solid five minutes.

"You set in stone/Leave my name alone/I live like I'm dead already/I think like I'm shot in the head already/For me it's with y'all niggas never ready/Double grip on the eagle make sure the det is steady/I'm not just Ed nigga, I'm Edd and Eddy/I'm a vet, you probably said the shit I said already," spits Gunz.

The freestyle was so hot, it almost left Funk Flex speechless. Almost. "Cory Gunz. Bars. Bars!," said Flex at the end of Cory's run.

Cory is best known for his 2013 mixtape Datz WTF I’m Talkin Bout which featured artists like Busta Rhymes, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and more. The Young Money signee is still working on his debut album The Life Of Cory Gunz and judging from this new freestyle is definitely still sharp with the pen game.

Check out Cory Gunz new freestyle and see if you can keep up with his crazy flow below.

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