One day before Donald Trump is sworn into being the President of the United States, Common will perform at a benefit concert designed to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. The National is also set to perform, and more guests will be announced closer to the day of the show on Jan. 19.

"We plan to send a clear message to the incoming administration that millions of people across this country are prepared to fight attacks on reproductive health care and abortion services," Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards said in a statement about the event.

The announcement of the benefit concert arrives after House Speaker Paul Ryan said that the GOP will make a serious effort to end the government funding of Planned Parenthood. Considering that the organization has offered in-clinic abortions for years now, the move falls directly in line with the GOP's denounciation of the practice. This concert is designed to help support of a nonprofit that's probably on the verge of losing a huge portion of their funding, and many people are very upset.

In an interesting note, Common apparently isn't too upset with Kanye West's meeting with Trump, who will necessarily play a role in the federal government's defunding of Planned Parenthood. “Kanye, that’s my brother,” Com told TMZ a few weeks ago. “That’s my family. So, he gonna do what he chooses to do… That’s my guy, that’s my homie. That’s gon’ always be my brother, so some things he does, that’s what he chooses to do. But I know I’m gonna doing things the way I choose to do ’em, and we gon’ do ’em together. That’s how love go. That’s how people work. Everybody don’t always do the same thing to get to same place, but we gon’ have to do it together at some point.”

Common may be cool with Yeezy talking to Trump, but he's clearly not okay with the government widthdrawing its funding from the 100-year-old non-profit organization. Tickets for the event are free, but must be secured through organizations partnering with the folks putting on the concert. The show will begin at 7 p.m. ET, and it will also feature appearances from activists, celebrities and others who support abortion rights.

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