Comethazine is still a teenager, and he plays the part of a pretty typical one in his new Cole Bennett-directed video for "Bands," a Baw$kee* cut he dropped off back in January.

In the visual, which features a colorfully surreal aesthetic Bennett's made his trademark, the East St. Louis, Ill. rapper plays the role of a newspaper delivery boy making his rounds in a suburban neighborhood. Eventually, he finds himself in a crib he's probably not supposed to be in, and things get pretty weird. We'll let you check that out for yourself, though.

While the visual is almost entirely playful, the song itself adds a layer of danger. "Watch me do my dance-dance-dance-dance/Bands in my pocket/Come and get your mans-mans-mans
'Fore I up my rocket," he spits on the hook for the song.

Comethazine only started rapping about two years ago, but he's already on his way to big things. Speaking with XXL for The Break last month, the rapper explained touched on his career origins. Because he didn't have an Xbox One, he put extra time into getting these tracks off.

“I didn't have a video game and shit, so I was always in my room, just recording,” he said at the time.“My mom hated that shit, she would yell and tell me 'Shut the fuck up!’ I went to night school, so I would sleep all fuckin' day, and record all night after school.”

Salute Comethazine's grind and peep his video for "Bands" below.

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