#ForGodSoLovedThe6 Toronto a city for Christ! #THE6 #c3toronto #ALLIN #wearecompelled #lovetoronto

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A church in Toronto named C3 Church made a Drake-themed billboard to promote the gospel. The messages reads, "For God so loved the 6." At the bottom of the billboard is another message: "God's love might be hard to understand, but you can certainly experience it. You're invited. Sundays. 11AM @ 725 Bathurst St." C3 is a youth-oriented place of worship that recently opened in Drizzy's hometown. The church has been trying to keep their branding modern and hip to mainstream culture. In doing so, they have various references to the "6" on their website. Check out the billboard above. Drake has previously used billboards to help promote his album Take Care and his 2013 single "Started From The Bottom."

Filled with catchy hooks, witty lines and odes to his hometown, Drake's If You're Reading This, It's Too Late has been one of the most talked about projects of the year. IYRTITL recently went platinum. Drake's influence extends far beyond the "6" though. A Charlotte radio station renamed their station after Drake and earlier this month, a pastor was captured on camera using the Drake and Meek Mill's beef to explain a biblical story.

Learn more about C3 Church below in their video.