Chuck D is looking to work with another production company on the life story of Public Enemy, but unfortunately, he's got some tight ties he needs to cut first. According to TMZ, the veteran rapper is reportedly suing Alt House Productions after he claims he unknowingly agreed to give them the rights to produce a documentary around Spectrum City.

As hip-hop historians know, Spectrum City is the hip-hop group that eventually became the legendary collective Public Enemy. The site reports Chuck admits to signing an amendment which contained a clause about his "life story," but he says he did not have a lawyer present, making him unaware of the specifics of what he was signing at the time.

According to the "Fight The Power" MC, another production company wants to produce the story surrounding Public Enemy, but under the deal with Alt House, Chuck is unable to give them the rights to do so. The veteran MC is suing Alt House in order to lock them out of using his or the rap group's story at any point in the future.

With how outspoken Chuck is, we're sure it will be tough for a judge to not hear his plea to get the rights to Public Enemy and his life story and put it back in the right hands.

Hopefully this can all get straightened away in the near future so fans can get another hip-hop history documentary soon.

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