Chuck D might be touring with his new group Prophets of Rage—a collective comprised of Chuck, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, DJ Lord and Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk—but that doesn't mean he's leaving Public Enemy behind. In fact, he and Flavor Flav are dropping a new album next week on July 4.

The folks at HipHopDX confirmed the news—which was supposed to be secret—after receiving a text from Chuck D. According to the mic-wielding legend, the new Public Enemy album is titled Nothing Is Quick In The Desert and it will be available as a free download.

“The record business is appearing like a desert,” Chuck told the rap site, offering up context for the title of the suddenly forthcoming project. “But the music has a life if you look at it right.”

The project will be Public Enemy's first since dropping Man Plans God Laughs back in 2015. Obviously, a lot has happened since then. Donald Trump is president and instituted an immigration ban. Police brutality is still largely unpunished, and people are pretty much as divided as ever.

Given Public Enemy's background as truth-telling, corruption-exposing artists, you can bet all of those things will be addressed on the newest album. We can't wait.

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