The family of late Coke Boy rapper Chinx put together a music video for his track, "On Your Body."

The video stars the slain rapper's wife, Janelli Caceres, as well as their children. Meet Sims sings the catchy hook by the bridge as Janelli sits in her hotel room and reminisces. She soon receives an unexpected package at the door with a note that reads, "Your presence has been requested... #yay." While she gets ready for the surprise, the camera shows photos of Chinx, real name Lionel Pickens, and his family in the background. Janelli leaves her hotel and is greeted by Sims, who escorts her to her destination in a bossed-up whip. Upon her arrival, Janelli is seated, as the camera reveals her neck tattoo saying "Mrs. Pickens." She's handed yet another note that reads, "Look behind you," and is greeted by her children who run towards her. It's rather hard not to shed a tear while watching.

"On Your Body" is featured on Chinx's posthumous album, Welcome To JFK. The LP will be Chinx's debut studio LP and is due out on Aug. 14. "Yay" and "How to Get Rich" are two new singles off the LP that recently dropped. The forthcoming album will feature appearances from Ty Dolla $ign, Nipsey Hu$$le, Jeremih and more, including the late Stack Bundles. Preorder your copy of the highly anticipated album here and watch the "On Your Body" video above.