Childish Gambino is working on a new album but he might not want you to know about it just yet. Confirmation of work being completed on the project came via tweets of a "vocalist" named Aaron Michael Gutierrez who claimed to be in a studio session in Los Angeles working on the album. "Childish Gambino studio sesh with 50 of the best singers in LA," he tweeted in a series of posts captured by Fader that have since been removed. He later added a picture along with Glover and the group of presumed vocalist along with the caption, "Last night I was honored to be among the best vocalist in LA laying five tracks to Childish Gambino's new album."

Donald Glover fans rejoice! This is the first news of a new project since the Kauai EP dropped last October and would be the follow up to his 2013 album Because The Internet. In February, he expressed the notion that he would change his stage name saying, “I guess Childish Gambino is like a period of my art time, and I want to have periods in my life, so I feel like Childish Gambino is a period that should come to a close.” Some took the quote as a tell tale sign that he would be ending his rap career to take on acting solely. However, a few days ago, he sparked interest from fans when he revealed his desire to work on new music with fellow Atlanta natives, Migos.

New Childish Gambino album coming soon?


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