The new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie is on its way, with a slated release date of July 7, and we may see a lot of familiar hip-hop faces starring in the film. The latest trailer for the Marvel movie just hit the web, courtesy of Sony Pictures, and it features a cameo from Childish Gambino, who helps gives some advice to a young Spider-Man as he prepares to take on his biggest challenge yet.

The trailer features a young Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, as he takes an internship at Stark Enterprises with Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. While the superhero helps take care of neighborhood crimes throughout the city of New York, he seeks to put his talents to better use to help save the world. The trailer shows Gambino offering some words of wisdom to Holland's character as they post up in a parking garage together before Spider-Man departs to take care of business.

If you recall, the movie stars Holland and Downey Jr. as well as Zendaya, who plays Mary Jane in the film (she pops up at the end of the recently released trailer). Just a few weeks back, DJ Khaled showed he was on set of the film, which implied to followers he may or may not make a cameo in the movie.

We'll have to see how big Gambino's role in the film is and whether there's a possible appearance from Khaled when it hits theaters on July 7. Take a look at the latest trailer below.

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