Days after the unveiling of the Atlanta season 2 premiere date, the first trailer for the second season of Childish Gambino's eccentric, occasionally surreal FX sitcom has finally seen the light of day.

The clip doesn't offer any dialogue, and it plays out in a series of vignettes rather than showing any specific moment from the upcoming season, which has been titled "Atlanta Robbin' Season." In those bits, we see Gambino's character, Earnest "Earn" Marks, sitting at a table with Paperboy and his baby moms Vanessa. In another part, we see him posted up in a club with his oddball friend Darius, and, once again, Paperboy. When Gambino's character isn't in the club or a restaurant, he's sitting atop a car with Paperboy while Darius mows a lawn.

Without any speaking, it's hard to make too many educated inferences about all the themes of Atlanta season 2. However, that juxtaposition of the night life with that bit of domesticity we see in the lawn-mowing scene is an accurate visual summation of the stakes of Atlanta, a show about two cousins trying to escape the mundane and occasionally perilous lives they lead by attaining music industry stardom.

Watch the trailer, which is soundtracked by a brooding Sonder track called "Too Fast," below. Read about Gambino's being selected to perform at the 2018 Grammy Awards when you're done with that.

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