Chief Keef was the victim of a shooting outside of the W Hotel in Times Square in New York City, but luckily the Chicago rapper walked away unscathed.

The incident occurred around 6 a.m. on Saturday morning (June 2), reports TMZ. According to their report, Sosa was staying at the hotel and returned to the location after spending the night out. Upon his arrival, multiple shots were fired in his direction, with none hitting their mark.

According to the New York Police Department, shell casings were discovered at the scene, and two black males wearing hoodies who fled the scene following the shots being fired are being sought after by authorities.

The shooting comes a day after the "I Kill People" rhymer and affiliate Lil Reese were called out by Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine on social media. "I don't give a fuck about what y'all niggas did three years ago, I don't think y'all understand what I was talking about in my last video," the "Gummo" rapper said in the clip. "What y'all did four years ago, three years ago, live in y'all raps, y'all don't do. I know that personally."

He continued, "What y'all gon' give me? 48 hours? 'Yo wait two months this shit gon' die.' Where? Where I'ma die? Fuck Chief Keef. Fuck Lil Reese. Fuck all them niggas. Fuck are y'all niggas talking about? Fuck are all y'all niggas talking 'bout. I bet y'all niggas [won't] pull up to New Jersey now. Jersey ain't even my city but my brothers out here, you heard me."

At this point, police haven't made any connections to 6ix9ine and the shooting.

Chief Keef's team has released a statement to XXL about the incident. "Chief Keef, who was in New York for an event, along with his team and the other members of Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE) that were traveling with him are safe," it reads. "Despite today's recent events Keef's main focus is continuing to release quality music and finishing up his upcoming projects which include Mansion Musick, which is set to be released in July through RBC Records and Glory Boyz Entertainment Records, along with a few surprise projects for his fans that will be released throughout the year."

Keef put out his latest album, Dedication, in December.

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