Chief Keef could soon be getting an unexpected new chapter to his legal history. Earlier today (Sept. 2), TMZ reported Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is preparing to sue the rapper after he used an image of the inside of her lavish mansion for the cover of his recently released Mansion Musick project.

James Leonard Jr., who acts as Giudice's attorney, says that the rapper's usage of the photo is an invasion of her privacy. That invasion, in his mind, means that Giudice should be compensated financially, hence their threatening to sue the Chicago rapper.

Comparing Keef's Mansion Musick cover to the interior image of Giudice's luxurious crib, it feels pretty safe to say he did, in fact, take the photo for the cover of his project. What is unclear is just how far this case will go. After all, as TMZ notes, the image was actually used on realty sites when the house was on sale some years back, so its status as a private photo is actually up for interpretation.

Keef has yet to comment on this matter. We'll have to pay close attention to what happens next.

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