After making headlines for his latest run-ins with the law, Chief Keef kept his word on returning to New York City on Saturday night. Keef—who is still very much a young star in hip-hop—didn’t hesitate to keep his fans waiting for his grand appearance. After all, the Chicago native has watched his out-of-town fanbase grow larger, as indicated when curious New Yorkers came out to see his debut show last June. This time around, the 17-year-old is currently one album in, with more music dropping seemingly every week. With such a buzz behind him, the GBE ringleader was in a giving mood during his set, performing a pair of new songs for the sold out crowd.

The first song is produced by Zaytoven and is possibly called “Lingo.” In the hook, Keef aims shots at women who want to be in his videos. “All these hoes thirsty, no they can’t kick it though/They just want credit that’s why ain’t none in my video/I rather have my amigos/3-0-0.” While Keef didn’t say where the song will end up, it’s safe to say the track is a preview cut for Bang Pt. 2.

The other song, also produced by Zaytoven, could be titled “Get Guap.” Though it isn’t as infectious as “Macaroni Time,” the snippet is supported by bass-heavy production and short bursts of rhymes from Sosa.

Keef also performed a slew of tracks from his catalog, including “Don’t Like,” “Kobe,” “Hate Being Sober” and “Love Sosa.” The night kicked off with sets from Harlem’s own Vinny Cha$e and Fredo Santana.


"Get Guap":

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