When keeping it real goes wrong. Fat Joe recently unlocked a piece of hip-hop folklore when he revealed the identity of the basketball player The Notorious B.I.G. was talking about on his Life After Death track "I Got a Story to Tell" as being the late Anthony Mason. While many fans feel good about finally being in-the-know on a piece of hip-hop history, not everyone is cool with the Terror Squad leader opening the curtain. Mason's former Knicks teammate Charles Oakley thinks the rapper disrespected Mason by letting the cat out of the bag.

TMZ recently caught up with Oak while he was golfing to get his views on the whole situation now that it is out in the public. "I think it's disrespect talking about a guy that's not still living," he said. "I know Fat Joe, nice guy. But I played with Mason I always got his back."

According to Oakley, if the situation did go down like that, Mason didn't tell him about it.

Either way, he feels it wasn't Joe's place to out Mason on that platform. "[It's] definitely disrespectful. New York guys talking about New York guys," he added. "If you a real true guy you don't talk about a guy after he is deceased."

Diddy also recently confirmed Fat Joe's side of the tale.

Mason played for the New York Knicks from 1991 to 1996. The Queens native died on February 28, 2015 after suffering from a massive heart attack.

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