Back in 2014, Childish Gambino took to Twitter and announced that he and Chance The Rapper would be releasing an EP. No more information was given on the forthcoming project, and the buzz eventually faded. Was Gam just talking? Did he speak too soon? Does such a project even exist? According to Chance, it does.

The Chicago rapper recently conducted a Reddit Ask Me Anything session with fans and revealed the joint offering has manifested in mixtape form. When asked by a fan if the mythical project was real, CTR simply responded with a "yes."

Now the next question is, will we ever get to hear it? Indeed Chance and Donald Glover have a chemistry that mixes well on wax. The two artists have worked together a number of times in the past on songs like "Worst Guys" and "Favorite Song," and they have also participated in a freestyle session together. Chance was also in Glover's visual project Clapping for the Wrong Reasons.

XXL chopped it up with Gam about his relationship with Chance back in 2014 and it appears their friendship is complicated. "We're like big brother little brother," said the rapper/actor. "I love Chance. I fucking hate Chance sometimes. Sometimes he's a dick. Sometimes he's an asshole, but I love him too. Like, I get it...He's smart. He understands. He listens."

Chances are (pun intended) that even if the joint project is ready to go, it won't be heard anytime in the near future as Chance just dropped his long-awaited third mixtape Coloring Book.

Check out the entire Reddit thread here.

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