Cam'ron and Jay Z's history of beef is well-documented, but that doesn't mean Killa Cam wasn't a fan of Hov's, first and foremost. In a new clip for ThisIs50, the Harlem rapper spits one of his favorite all-time verses, which happens to be from Jay Z's "In My Lifetime." You can watch the clip above.

The Dipset artist states to the camera, "One of my favorite verses—besides all of my rhymes—is probably one of Jay Z's verses before Jay Z had an album out. I think the song was called 'In My Lifetime,' it says, 'I don't hassle with capsules, 'cuz that don't make the cash grow/And make a project nigga get paid out the asshole/If I'mma risk a frisk, gettin' my wrists wrapped up in steel/I'm out here trying to make a mill, my shit is real for real."

Cam explains why that verse really sticks with him, saying, "And I like that, because basically, why push nickels and dimes? If you gon' take a risk doin' something, go for it."

In other Dipset-related news, you can now sign a petition to make "Dipset Anthem" the new national anthem. How ill would that be? A man named Dero Anthony started the petition in early September, typing in the website's description, “The current National Anthem is BS." The petition already has over 1700 signatures.

One can't help but wonder what Colin Kaepernick would think about the petition. After all, Kaepernick's decision to sit during the Star Spangled Banner during NFL games is what inspired Anthony to start the petition. Somebody at 49ers practice needs to ask Kaep if he's rocking with Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Hell Rell, Freekey Zekey and the rest of the crew.

For now, you can watch Cam'ron spit the verse from "In My Lifetime" above. A little trivia: Killa's actually spitting rhymes from the Ski mix of Jay's first single, which features alternate rhymes than the remix that ended up on the Streets Is Watching soundtrack in 1998. Hear the original below.

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