C-Murder's earnings from the music he's put out since being locked up could be seized by a judge. The move would come at the request of victims of a Baton Rouge shooting from 2001 that the rapper was convicted of being involved in.

The former No Limit MC, born Corey Miller, is serving out a life sentence in Louisiana State Prison, stemming the 2002 murder of Steven Thomas. Since being locked up, C has released a number of projects, including the most recently dropped collab with Boosie BadAzz, Penitentiary Chances, in 2016.

Shortly after the release of the project, which was complete with a promotional video, the New Orleans rapper was investigated by the prison as to how he pulled it off.

“The Louisiana Department of Corrections began looking into how Miller managed to record material from behind bars in January, when reports of a new album first surfaced,” prison spokeswoman Pam Laborde said last March. C was sent to "disciplinary camp" following the probe.

On Tuesday (Jan. 24), a motion was filed by the victims of the 2001 crime, which occurred at Club Raggs, requesting that a judge step in and confiscate all money made from the release, reports The Advocate. In that incident, Miller was convicted of attempting to open fire on several people inside the venue.

The Penitentiary Chances project is available on iTunes, and the victims contend C is still raking in cash from his rapping career.

Miller has argued all music he's released since he's been locked up was recorded before he went in. The petition filed on Tuesday, requests that the incarcerated rapper's team disclose exactly how much money he made off the LP.

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