C-Murder continues to fight for his freedom, this time doing it through his music. The New Orleans rapper released a new song called "Dear Supreme Court" along with an accompanying music video. The track will appear on C-Murder's upcoming album Penitentiary Chances.

The former No Limit artist was arrested in 2002 for the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas at a Louisiana nightclub. Witnesses said that C-Murder and Thomas got in an argument, which led to the rapper pulling a gun and shooting Thomas. C-Murder was convicted of the crime in 2003, but has maintained his innocence.

C-Murder's legal team continued to fight his conviction over the years, even getting a re-trial in 2007. The jury found him guilty once again and C-Murder was dealt an automatic life sentence. Two appeals have been denied since then as well as the Louisiana Supreme Court upholding the conviction.

The case did take a turn when, as AllHipHop.com reports, two jurors admitted they were pressured into a guilty vote. C-Murder's team also blamed judge Han Liljeberg for an unjust trial, claiming that the judge pressured the jury to reach a verdict when they could not decide on their own.

C-Murder's efforts to prove his innocence received another boost last year when two witnesses came forward to say that the rapper was not the one who shot Thomas. One of the witnesses was former Baylor basketball player Tim Bush. Bush said he did not speak to police the night of the murder as he wanted to protect his basketball career.

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