New Orleans police have named a suspect in the murder of promising N.O. rapper, BTY YoungN, who was shot and killed late last month.

Darryl Bannister Jr. is wanted by police for his involvement in the murder, reports The Advocate. Bannister, 31, has not been apprehended yet, but police say he will be charged with second-degree murder when he is finally taken into custody.

BTY YoungN, born Desmone Jerome, who was part of Birdman's Rich Gang clique, was gunned down on April 29, at a Shell gas station in the Holly Grove section of the city. At the time, police didn't release information about any suspects.

The late 27-year-old rapper's mother, Gabrielle Jerome said anger over BTY's ascent in the rap game contributed to his murder. “Jealousy is behind it. Because of his success as a rapper,” she explained. “He would literally give you the shirt off his back. He loved kids to death. It’s just rough,” she added.

Following BTY's death, Birdman deleted all of his Instagram photos and posted a memorial to the rapper.

According to police, the man who will be charged with BTY's murder has some serious priors. Bannister previously pleaded guilty in a racketeering case against a street gang known as The Taliban out of Pigeon Town. He had to admit to his role in another shooting as a part of the plea deal he received.

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