Hip-hop collective Brockhampton show no signs of slowing down after releasing their latest video just one month after dropping Saturation, the band's highly-celebrated second mixtape. "Gummy" is a new track, and as expected, it's just as insane as the squad's other records and visuals, such as "Star." This time around, though, Brockhampton takes on a bank, taking inspiration from films like Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino’s and Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver.

Equipped with tiny cars and fancy suits, the "Gummy" music video illustrates Brockhampton's day after successfully pulling off a bank heist in Van Nuys, L.A. Kevin Abstract—who the visual was also directed by—plays The Mastermind of the ordeal, starting off the track by mocking his critics as his floating head appears on a couch. "That nigga need to act his age, he ain't acting like a grown up/Ain't that boy from Texas? He ain't acting like a soldier/Knew that boy in high school, man that nigga wasn't awkward/And I know his mama, man that nigga just a liar," Abstract spits before breaking into the hook, which he admits was purposely meant to sound like M.I.A. Last night (Aug.1) on Twitter, he wrote, "Yes, that's me on the chorus. i was tryna sound like m.i.a. again ha." Kevin also told fans he "watched baby driver 8 times" before coming up with the visual's concept.

The rest of "Gummy" sees Brockhampton rappers Merlyn Wood, Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon and Matt Champion providing their own pleasantly odd bars on the track. The group also featured an alpaca by the name of Mr. Snuffleupagus in the vid, who Joba later called "problematic."

Saturation 2 is on the way. Enjoy "Gummy" below.

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