Kevin Abstract's crew Brockhampton drop another inventive video from their debut album, Saturation. This one's for their song "Boys." With a video catalog that includes members dancing in ballerina outfits, dressing as police and blue aliens, this one's by far the most subdued. It's really no less interesting, though.

Directed by Robert Ontenient, the new visual channels films from the found-footage genre; think Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield. In the video, each member of the group sits on the floor of what appears to be an empty concert venue. There's not a lot of lighting, and the footage isn't all that clear, giving the video the appearance of one shot with a run-of-the-mill camcorder.

Throughout the vid, each "Boys" performer raps to the camera as they move about the room. With the lack of lighting and the horror movie aesthetic of the video, it almost feels like the group is telling ghost stories by a campfire instead of shooting a music video on tour.

Turning in another standout verse on the track itself was Ameer Vann, who pretty much calls himself a hood version of 2017 pop stars. "I feel just like Zayn, I feel just like Harry/I cop it and I flip it, have it sittin' on Pirellis/Me and all my niggas, Southside One Direction," he spits on the track.

Check out "Boys" below. When you're done with that, see what we had to say about Brockhampton's latest album, Saturation II, in our review.

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