PnB Rock is one of Philadelphia’s up-and-coming artists, with a sound that has some comparing him to the likes of Fetty Wap and Drake. Fresh off of signing to Atlantic Records, and with his single “On Fleek” going hard in the clubs, we sat down with the 23-year-old MC to talk to him a bit. Get to know PnB Rock in this week’s installment of The Break.—Marvin Jules

Name: PnB Rock

Age: 23

Hometown: Uptown Philadelphia

I grew up listening to: 2Pac. I used to listen to a lot of Jodeci. All the shit that was popping, I was listening to. But my personal favorite was 2Pac.

Most people don’t know: I never graduated high school. That’s the only thing people really don’t know about me. I’m pretty much an open book.

My style has been compared to: People really don’t compare me to nobody. They be like: “You got your own lane, with your own sound.” They say I sound like PnB Rock. People say they don’t know if I sing or rap.

Standout records and/or moments to date: “My City Need Something” is a positive song talking about the current situation going on in a lot of cities: people dying, poverty, things like that. That’s one of the songs that put me on the map as far as kids listening to my shit. I would also say “On Fleek,” that’s a song that recently just dropped. That’s the song I was shooting a video for yesterday. As far as moments, even to this point right now, I haven’t really jumped over the hoop. I feel like I'm still in the same predicament. But the moment I felt like shit really started to get real was when I signed to Atlantic Records. That was four days ago.

My goal in hip-hop: To take over the game.

I’m going to be the next: If you let people on Instagram on Twitter say that shit, they probably say Fetty Wap and Drake. But I want to be the next Hov.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @PnbRock, and download the PnbRock app on iOS and Android devices.

Standouts:  “My City Need Something”

“On Fleek”


"FWU" Feat.

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