Bow Wow is out of a job. Last week, CBS decided to cancel the series CSI: Cyber after two seasons. Bow Wow starred in the show as Brody Nelson, a former hacker who became an FBI analyst. CSI: Cyber's cancellation also brought an end to the CSI franchise, which began back in 2000.

Fans weren't happy about the cancellation as one asked Bow Wow why the show was axed on Twitter. The rapper did not have any specific reason, simply telling the fan that it was out of his hands.

"It's way bigger than me, nature of business," Bow Wow responded. "Headed to rehearsal now for next gig I'm announcing shortly."

The show's cancellation comes at an interesting time as just a few weeks ago, Bow Wow stated that he's always hated rapping.

"My whole life I hated rapping," Bow Wow wrote on Twitter earlier this month. "Folks don’t know that. I always wanted to be a comedian growing up. I wanted to act."

Despite his apparent disdain for rapping, Bow Wow did admit he's got plenty of songs in the vault. But the "Bounce Wit Me" rhymer said he's in a position where he can do what he wants without any pressure to release new music out.

"I got songs. Tons. Just not really passionate bout the game," Bow Wow tweeted. "Made the money. Been rapping since [I was] five. New place now. I still got my deal. I do what I want. Label cant force me. Paid my dues. I do it when I want. Now ain’t the time."

Hopefully Bow Wow's got some other gigs lined up as it sounds like a return to music would not be a pleasant experience for the Like Mike star.

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