Bow Wow's career has transformed in many different ways over the last two decades. From being a kid rapper, to a Hollywood actor and host, and more recently, a social media phenomenon, he's done it all. Now, it seems the stress and pressure in his life is taking its toll. The hip-hop veteran gave what he claims is his final radio interview to Power 105's The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, which was released today (April 12), where he addresses a slew of different topics including his recent tweets about suicide.

A lot was covered in the hour-long conversation with the three radio hosts, but one of the main topics fans and viewers wanted more clarification on were Bow's recent tweets about his suicidal thoughts. If you recall, the rap personality is naming his new album, Edicius, which is "suicide" spelled backwards.

Towards the beginning of the interview, Charlamagne asks if the Ohio native was just writing tweets for the album, or if those were genuine thoughts of suicide.

"Nah, it's because how I was really feeling," Bow Wow responds. "Yeah, there's been times where...years ago where this came out where people thought that I was suicidal or...I been saying, 'I don't want to be here.' What people don't understand is like, I done lapped the world eight times, and it's like me being coming into the game young and seeing so much and doing so much and sometimes I just question life like, 'Damn, what else is there for me to do?'"

Bow Wow also says that while a lot of his suicidal thoughts stem from having not much left to do and accomplish, there are also family issues that people don't know as much about between him and his sisters, as well as tension with his father and grandmother.

Another highlight of the interview comes right at the beginning, when Shad Moss addresses his claim of being signed to Death Row while he was hanging out and making music with Snoop Dogg years ago. He even says that he was an original member of Tha Dogg Pound  along with Daz Dillinger and Kurupt. To try and prove it, he tells the story of Daz originally grabbing him in a crowd and taking him backstage when he was six years old, introducing him to the Death Row team.

"One of the most memorable moments I have is when Suge called my mom and was like, 'Bring him by the office right now,' he explains. "And you know, Suge call you, you don't know what to expect and we pull up. The first thing that Suge did was give me my Dogg Pound chain, which meant a lot. Me, Daz and Kurupt, we had a Dogg Pound chain. Actually, shout out to Daz because if Daz was here...he'd be the one to tell you, 'I was the one who went out in the crowd and grabbed Bow and brought him to the back,' which is facts."

As fans know, Bow Bow was brought up to become a superstar under Jermaine Dupri and his So So Def imprint, which he says was initiated by Snoop. The BUSH lyricist didn't believe that Bow being at Death Row was the right situation for a 7-year-old kid at the time, leading him to hand him over to Jermaine Dupri.

Later in the interview, Bow Wow also discusses his recent "Drunk Off Ciroc" song, which called out Chris Brown. Breezy later responded to the track with confusion, as he wasn't aware that they even had beef. Bow Wow says that the two never had a problem, but he was posing the song as a question about why they grew apart.

"I just think that me and Brown, we don't have a problem. There is no problem at all," he explains. "There is no issue. There is no problem, but like you said, we grew up together, we made a lot of money together and throughout the game we grow and we end up going separate ways sometimes. Even with that record, 'Drunk Off Ciroc,' it was more of a question. Like, damn, you just look up and it's like damn, me and the homie, we ain't even tight like how we used to be. I wonder why. My daughter never met his daughter. They never even met."

As far as his forthcoming #BowWowChallenge television series, the rapper says that Mona Scott reached out to him about two months after he went viral for posting a fake photo of a private jet on Instagram. He claims that she convinced him to create a show about it, which he has been working on since.

Also in the interview, Bow speaks on why he hasn't spoken to the mother of his daughter in two years, the footage of him getting beat up by Cheeks Bossman  backstage at a Future concert, his ex-girlfriends and who has written for him throughout his earlier career.

Watch Bow Wow's full interview with The Breakfast Club below.

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