Despite teasing a May release of the sixth installment of his Greenlight mixtape series earlier this year, the date came and went without any new Bow Wow music. Fans may be in for an early Christmas gift from the rapper, however, as he went on Instagram to share an updated tracklist from the project on Nov. 24.

Now featuring 16 songs (up from the original 12) the Greenlight 6 tracklist includes appearances from Migos, Bone Thugs, Soulja Boy and Trill Sammy, in addition to the previously-mentioned Kap G and Jacquees.

The artwork for the project includes a picture of a young Bow Wow using the bathroom, while holding a trophy behind his back as he looks over his shoulder at the camera. Mysteriously, the post only remained up on his Instagram for a few hours before being deleted. There were several errors in the tracklisting, however, including the spelling of Jacquees’ name and the proper numbering, so it’s possible it was merely taken down to be updated.

Back in September, Bow Wow went on social media to apologize to fans and his labelmates at So So Def, following erratic behavior that he revealed stemmed from mental health issues that he was getting help for. With a Jermaine Dupri appearance on the tracklist via production for the Migos-assisted “Longtime,” it seems hopeful that they’ve since patched things up and moved forward.

Check out the tracklist below.

Bow Wow's Greenlight 6 Mixtape Tracklist

1. “Momma Worried”
2. “That Boy” featuring Kenny Muney
3. “Dumb Rap”
4. “Back On My Dick” featuring Soulja Boy and Trill Sammy
5. “Jay-Z”
6. “1st Night”
7. “69” featuring Jacquees
8. “Henny” featuring Dondria
9. “Slop Me Up” featuring Kap G
10. “Does He Touch You” featuring The Weeknd [Sample]
11. “Fuck My Ex Bitch”
12. “Broken Heart”
13. “Don’t Watch My Pockets” featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
14. “Come Smoke With Me”
15. “GOAT”
16. “Longtime” featuring Migos [Prod. by Jermaine Dupri] [Bonus Track]

Marisa Mendez

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