Bizzy Bone came through for a Japanese rapper who is probably the ultimate Bone Thugs-N-Harmony fan.

As reported by Fox 8 Cleveland on Wednesday (Oct. 16), a Japanese rapper named Ryo Muranaka traveled 6,000 miles from Japan to Cleveland to meet his favorite rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Unfortunately, upon arrival in Cleveland, Muranaka got robbed of his luggage and was stranded in the city, broke and unable to speak English.

Luckily, the rapper's plight caught the attention of Fox 8 Cleveland news team and they reached out to BTNH member Bizzy Bone who told them that he would buy him a plane ticket.

“I’ll get the man a ticket to get back home,” he said. “I’m putting my hands out there on behalf of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to say we do care. And we just want to help the kid, and we appreciate him coming to see us.”

Bizzy also jumped on his Instagram page to fully explain the Muranaka's situation.

"WELL this is what happened ya’ll!" he wrote. "Through my sister i got in touch with where the young man was staying at. Just so happens they was my niggaz. Story goes like this. He met Krayzie in japan at a show. Turned up with my mans and he decided to come to Cleveland for a Bone show to met everyone."

"He met lil lay lay and lay paid for his hotel for a few weeks," he continued. "After that he ran outta money and his visa expired, got robbed [etc]. Thats when i heard about this."

Bizzy added that a plane ticket is ready for him even though Muranaka would like to stay in the United States and apparently hasn't left the country as of yet.

"Through a Interpreter at @universalmusicgroup we told him we would get em home. We told em he has to because his visa expired and there would be legal ramifications if he did not," he wrote. "End of the day I will get him home. Ticket already ready. He just needs to accept that his visa is expired and to get home. He would like to ask the president can he stay by the way."

Bizzy ended the message with, "#GodblessAmerica duhduhduuuuhhh its Bizzy to the rescue!!!!!! Sike, naw .... but can’t let em be stranded or none of that. Not on some BONE THUG are my hero’s stuff."

XXL spoke exclusively with Bizzy on Friday (Oct. 18), who updated us on the situation.

"Right now, we are waiting on word that he's on his way, you know, that he's ready to go and that's where we're at with everything."

As far as one fan's love for Bone becoming an international news story, Bizzy is humbled.

"I think it's big, especially in this day and age where people actually hear about it," he told us. "It happens a lot with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. With social media being the way that it is, it's starting to be seen. But it happens in L.A., people go down to L.A. to get big and famous and wind up homeless. Once you add Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to the picture, it's our obligation to get that young man home."

He added, "It feels good to know that people love Bone Thugs-N-Harmony music all over the world. It really does."

This news comes two months after Bizzy unloaded Carbon Monoxide, a project that's just the latest in a lengthy discography from the Cleveland rapper.

Watch Fox 8 Cleveland's news report about Bizzy Bone helping out a stranded Japanese rapper below.

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