Bleu DaVinci’s got a real problem with Young Jeezy and he isn’t biting his tongue about it.

The BMF member told New York’s Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Monday (January 30) that he thinks Jeezy is using the BMF name in vain and is bothered that he hasn’t shelled out dollars for an appellate lawyer for imprisoned BMF leader Big Meech.

“The issue now is the man’s running around, using Meech’s name like it’s like that and that little thing that Meech did on the tape for him that he keep playing on repeat, but from 2009 he ain’t doing what he supposed to do,” said DaVinci, who served four years in prison on conspiracy with intent to distribute drugs before being released last year. “What about this appellate lawyer? Yeah, he ain’t doing what he supposed to do, period."

That prompted Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne the God to ask Bleu: “So, what you’re saying is Jeezy has not put up the money for the appeal for Big Meech?”

“Exactly,” DaVinci responded. “I mean, he won’t do nothing, period. I just talked to the big homie [Meech] recently and he said it’s crazy that the rapper that was connected with the Fam that ended up having much success – he’s doing his thing, he’s really in a position to make a difference in Meech's life right now – he ain’t really stepping up to the plate right now.

“It’s crazy that I gotta come home, rebuild this BMF brand from ground zero and do it all on my own, when we got somebody running around and still saying he love [Meech], he got him 100% and all that,” he continued. “It’s easy for him to say, ‘Let me cut this check and make sure dude is alright.’ At the end of the day, the selfishness sticks in, the Hollywood, the lights and the cameras— it just blurs people’s vision sometime.”

In an appearance on Power 105.1 last year, Jeezy maintained that he and Meech have kept a solid relationship. But, according to DaVinci it isn't true.

"At the end of the day, if you could get Meech on the phone right now, it’d be a different tune that he’s singing," he said. "At the end of the day, he’s not doing nothing.”

Bleu says he called Jeezy, but Jeezy never called him back and changed his number upon initially speaking to him. That said, DaVinci maintains that BMF has love for Jeezy, but they just want him to do what they feel is the right thing.

"At the end of day, we all love Jeezy, man," DaVinci said. "I ain’t gonna say I hate the man or nothing like that but keep it honest, keep it real." —Jakinder Singh