Black Milk was featured for Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" session today. The social news site teamed up with Detroit producer/rapper. He answered his fans' burning questions about what working with Danny Brown, who is his favorite non-rapper out of Detroit and collaborating with Elzhi and Royce da 5'9". Check out what we learned from Black Milk's Reddit AMA below.


Whatever happened to your EP with One Be Lo? Chances of a Random Axe 2?
Oh wow, that's a real fan. We actually recorded the EP. It's sitting in a hard drive, somewhere. I have no idea where that hard drive is. But hopefully, I can find that hard drive one of these days. And release that music. But yeah, we did record an EP. That's happening. That's already in motion. Trying to drop Random Axe 2 sometime next year. You can check out a song I did with Random Axe on my new album so check my new album. Thanks for joining!

Big fan since I first heard Deadly Medley. Loved everything since, with my favorite being the Black and Brown EP (this new one is a close second, though!) Also your episode of Rhythm Roulette was my favorite. Those records tried to clown you, but failed miserably. You killed that. Any plans to work with Danny Brown again?
Yes. I should be on the next album.

Hey Black Milk - is there a chance you will do a collaborative album with Elzhi and Royce da 5'9"? And call it "Elroyce Jensen," because they have futuristic flows? We need it!
Yeah, it's possible. I just talked to Royce da 5'9" and I talked to Elzhi a couple months ago, so it's possible.

Do you think Detroit is such a hot-bed of creative people because they have lived through so much socio-economic hardship that it builds character? Also, do you think we should bring the term "honeydips" back in reference to the ladies?
Definitely. And I think that Detroit being in the middle of the map - we kind of automatically have influences from the 3 regions around us - East Coast, West Coast, South - that's why we have a mixture of everything in our sound. No, never!

Hey Black, what's going on with Elzhi? It seems like nobody has been in contact with him. Would you consider doing a collaboration album with Blu? What is your dream rap collaboration?
Last time I talked to Elzhi, he mentioned he was gearing up to release an album for next year. So be on the look out for that. Me and Blu have been sending music back and forth to each other these last couple months, so there might be something in the near future. My dream rap collaboration... hmmm. I would have loved to have heard Biggie rap over one of my beats.

Any producers you would like to work with? Or who's work do you admire? How do you find new music?
I'd like to work with Madlib. And I'd also like to get in the studio with Rick Rubin. I use almost everything that gives me access to music - from Spotify to Shazam, YouTube and I still go to record stores to dig for vinyl.

Yo 'Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst' was the first song of yours I heard and I instantly loved you. What is your favorite sandwich?
Favorite sandwich? Damn. Okay. Favorite sandwich is: 5 Guys Double Bacon Hamburger. That's my favorite one.

I really need to know that sample for What its worth haha at least a hint for it. Also, favorite genre to sample right now? -do you still keep in contact with Daru? Any chance of more work with Phat Kat? F.A.N.S was a classic.
I can't think of the name of the group right now, it may be hard to find because it's a rare Prog rock album that I got it from. These past few months I've been heavy into UK / German electropop from back inna day, like late 70's early 80's. I still talk to Daru from time to time... he's busy drumming for Jack White. Yeah! I haven't talked to Phat Kat in a while, but still good friends and yeah would love to do more work with him.

I'm a big fan Black Milk! I Love Hell Bellow and your previous work!Here are some questions

  1. What was the first beat you produced?
  2. What got you into production?
  3. What makes a track good for sampling?
  4. What's an artist you love that is outside of hip hop and finally
  5. What song do you think EVERYONE should listen to?

1) First beat i produced professionally was a record called "What is this" on Slum Village's "Trinity" album.

2) A lot of my homeboys and older cousins were into making beats and rhyming. So being around that kinda inspired me to try to do it myself.

3) Emotion / feeling. If it doesn't have emotion / feeling, I won't dig it / sample it.

4) Recently, Electric Wire Hustle.

5) A song EVERYONE should listen to... Funkadelic's Flashlight.

What's your top five favorite Michigan hip hop albums?
Eminem's "Slim Shady LP," Quelle's "Ghost at the Finish Line," Slum Village's "Fantastic 1" and "Fantastic 2," and Guilty Simpson's "Ode to the Ghetto."

Hello Mr. Black Milk! I love your new album, my question is: who do you think is the most influential non-rapper Detroit musician? Also I know you did a production with Jack White's record label ThirdManRecord's, can you talk at all about that?
Probably Stevie Wonder. Yeah, Jack White is a cool guy, and you should go definitely pick up all 3 versions of the vinyl release on ThirdMan.

I noticed some Herbie Hancock samples in If there's a Hell Below, what's your fave Herbie album?

Why did you choose 'black milk' instead of chocolate milk?
'Cuz Chocolate Milk was already taken! Haha!

Do you watch "Black Jesus"?
I've watched a few episodes. But none of the episodes are as hilarious as the trailer for "Black Jesus." The trailer was the best thing "Black Jesus" ever produced.

Hey, I really enjoyed No Poison No Paradise, my all time favourite LP. What is your favourite J Dilla beat?
My favorite J Dilla beat is actually on a b-tape, but my favorite J Dilla beat that people may know is Slum Village's "Untitled" off of Fantastic Vol 2.

Have you ever been starstruck?
Yeah. First time I met Jack White. First time I met J Dilla. First time I met Ghostface.

Is there any music artist or producer that YOU want to put us on?
I have 2 artists on my label - indiepop artists Sudie and a Texas group named The Outfit, TX. You should check them out.

How did the collab with badbadnotgood happen?
Converse wanted to put together 2 artists that were from 2 different worlds. So they made a mashup with me and badbadnotgood and the track came out awesome and I hope to do more work with badbadnotgood.

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