After Lil B dropped the video for his new track, “Bill Bellamy,” earlier this month, the actor/comedian—who is the subject of the song—has been bombarded with tweets asking for his reaction. To answer the question, once and for-all, reached out to Mr. Bellamy to find out his response.

For those that haven’t heard the song, it begins with this odd chorus: “I got one felony, I got two felonies, I got three felonies, I got four felonies, I got five felonies, I got six felonies, I got seven felonies, I got eight felonies, I got nine felonies, bitch I’m Bill Bellamy.” [Watch above]

Surprisingly, the shoutout seemed to please the How to be A Player star. “I clicked on the link [on YouTube] and I immediately start laughing,” Bellamy said of his first encounter with the video. “It’s catchy 'cause it’s so ridiculous. It’s easy to learn 'cause all you gotta do is count to ten felonies and you know it.”

Even though that was Bellamy’s introduction to the 2011 XXL Freshman, Bellamy says that he considers the Based God smart because “he hit something that he think people will just talk about,” addressing numerous songs in which B claims to be a celebrity (Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and Ellen DeGeneres, to name a few.)

“He made his own lane, he brought my name up, so I give him love for that,” Bellamy continued.

Bill Bellamy is even open to hop on a remix of the song. “Let’s do the remix, let’s get it poppin’, get some real fellas in there,” he said. “Let’s get DMX on that joint, you know what I mean, T.I. cats that really went to jail. The real ones [because] I ain’t got no felonies.”—Martin Spasov