Earlier this past summer, British comedian Michael Dapaah visited Charlie Sloth's BBC Radio 1 Rap Show to participate in the "Fire in the Booth" freestyle series. Dapaah spit his "Mans Not Hot" freestyle, which would go on to become a viral hit and as a result, the rise of Roadman Shaq aka Big Shaq began.

Since he dropped his freestyle, Dapaah's "Big Shaq" persona has swept the music industry by storm. The "Mans Not Hot" freestyle has been turned into countless memes (Rice Krispies go "skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka") and has made its way to radio as a single. Big Shaq even released an official music video, with over 31 million views and rising YouTube—just a week after being released. The only one who doesn't seem to like Big Shaq is NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, who's currently beefing with the London rhymer for having a similar name.

Dapaah, 26, originally created the character for his online comedy series, Somewhere in London. But now, Big Shaq is internationally known and fans can't get enough.

So, to test his rhyming skills, XXL got Big Shaq to read The Cat in the Hat, the famed book written by Dr. Seuss, one of America's most acclaimed rhymers. Things are rocky at first but Big Shaq gets his feet under him and delivers with a strong finish. Shaq's English teachers would be proud.

Watch Big Shaq get his Dr. Seuss on in the video below. It's a rhyming ting.

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