On Feb. 7, 2000, Big Pun passed away after suffering a heart attack at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, NY. He was staying there with his wife and three children, waiting while their home was under renovation. Pun was less than two months away from releasing his sophomore LP, Yeeeah Baby; the finishing touches were added posthumously. At the time of his death, he was considered one of the most vital, most incisive voices in New York hip-hop: his 1998 debut, Capital Punishment, was lauded by critics and fans and is still cited today as one of its era's great achievements.

Today (Nov. 10), on what would have been his father's 44th birthday, Pun's youngest son, who now goes by the name Chris Rivers, took to Instagram to speak about his dad. Though only five at the time of his death, Chris Jr. writes touchingly about the impact the larger-than-life rapper had on his loved ones, and on the world.

Happy birthday poppa. It's been almost 16 years and I still see people with tattoos of you immortalized on they flesh. The impact you left on the world will make you immortal as pun. And the impact you left on mommy ( @pun_is_her ) and your daughters ( @nessyrios @star_rios) and I left you immortal in our hearts. I don't care if it sounds corny. Love doesn't judge. You're this Titan in my eyes this insurmountable force as an rapper I hear stories about your legendary charisma and the way you inspired people like a king. I would have loved to get to know you more. You were the greatest rapper , you were a person who manifested and shaped his destiny from selling crack in sound view sleeping out of bags to going double platinum whippin nighas with iced out chains lmao in all the things you were whether it be the #GOAT , hope , a legend, a man, a human , above all you were a husband and a father. And we love and miss you . I don't usually like saying much so I keep it at I love you and we gonna make you proud. You'll never really die.#RIP #DRAGONSUP #bigPun

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