Big Boi has made it a priority in his career to promote creative, eccentric artists outside the mainstream, and those like Killer Mike and Janelle Monae have made him very proud. according to a recent interview.

The veteran hitmaker spoke with comedian Trevor Noah on The Daily Show on Wednesday (Aug. 8) and revealed that outside of his work alongside Andre 3000 in their legendary group OutKast, he's most proud of signing Killer Mike and Janelle Monae.

"Why was it so important for you to go out and find artists who most record labels may not have seen as a commercially viable product?" Noah asked Big Boi.

"Two of my greatest accomplishments outside of being in OutKast is signing Janelle Monae and Killer Mike," he said. "Finding those artists and seeing that there are artists that can take the baton and run with it. They both kind of knew what they wanted and I didn't have to really babysit while they were doing it. To see where they are right now, I'm like a proud big brother," he continued.

Killer Mike has definitely had a big year. Apart from his success with El-P in their group Run The Jewels, Mike is one of the more politically active artists in the hip-hop community. He and 2 Chainz recently linked for a racially-charged song called "Black Power, White Powder," and he and T.I. were appointed to a transition team for the new mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Bottoms.

Janelle Monae has also flourished in success in 2018, with the release of her first album in five years Dirty Computer, which found her in full rap mode on the popular track "Django Jane."

Aside from running the late-night television circuit and signing major artists, Big Boi has also had his hands full recently raising his two pet owls Hootie and Hoodini.

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