Big Boi is known for his love of dogs, specifically French bulldogs, but it appears he's got a new favorite pet after the rapper purchased two owls.

The former Outkast member has been chronicling the lives of his newest friends – named Hootie and Hoodini, respectively — on his Instagram account after welcoming them to the family on July 2. We highly recommend taking a peek.

The birds can be seen stretching their wings ("Hootie got a 5 Foot wingspan From tip to tip," Big Boi writes), testing their screech, and attempting to intimidate the rapper's dog, among other owl activities.

Daddy Fat Sax also seems to enjoy engaging the owls in conversation. In one video posted yesterday (July 11), he holds Hootie, perched on his gloved right hand, and encourages him to fly.

"Ooh look at your wings. Goddamn. Woo, flex on them hoes," he says. As the owl flaps his wings in Big Boi's face, he continues, "Flex on them hoes! Oh shit, not on me goddamnit." Then the camera pans to the rapper's piano, adorned with a Grammy award. It rules.

For whatever reason, it's been a big month for owls in hip-hop. Just last week, Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert featured the wise bird in their Twin Peaks-inspired "Up" video. Big Boi last released a video for "All Night," featured on his 2017 album Boomiverse, in June.

You can watch a few videos starring Big Boi and his owls below.

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