Bhad Bhabie, who recently dropped collaborations with Kodak Black and Tory Lanez, teamed up with Snapchat for her latest project: a new docuseries called Bringing Up Bhabie. Premiering earlier this week, the new 12-episode series offers an unfiltered glimpse at what actually goes down in the life of the "Babyface Savage."

Following the announcement of her new Snapchat show, she caught up with XXL via FaceTime to discuss her new show, as well as being the face of Copycat Beauty and a recent studio session with Soulja Boy.

The Florida native is currently hard at work on new music. “I kind of just record songs all the time and then whatever I really like I’ll use,” Bhad Bhabie says. A song the “These Heaux” rapper recently worked on features none other than Soulja Boy, whom she says was "cool the whole time” they were in the studio.

“I was working with Soulja Boy like a couple of weeks ago, like two weeks ago,” the 15-year-old artist reveals. “We did a little song that was fun. He came in, we did the song and I come back in and then he’s just playing all of his music. I was like, oh, my session just turned into a Soulja Boy listening party. We had fun. It was cool."

When it comes to her new Snapchat show, the teen rhymer thinks it will put an end to the misconceptions about her. “I think people will realize that they were completely wrong about me and that I’m not just an evil little devil child running around just causing problems all day,” she shares.

Although Bhad Bhabie hopes to change people’s perception of her with Bringing Up Bhabie, she admits that she’s not worried that she’ll reveal too much. “I mean whatever they see, they see,” the 15 creator admits. “I’m not scared of nothing. If they see that then that’s just how it is.”

Touching on her $900,000 endorsement deal with CopyCat Beauty, an online destination for reasonably priced beauty items such as lipsticks, lip glosses, makeup brushes and much more, the fearless teen says, “I wanted to be a part of something that’s gonna be reasonable and not ridiculous. That’s why I fuck with them, because they’ll give you good quality.”

Check out Bhad Bhabie’s full interview with XXL above.

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