And just like that, we've sprinted through another busy week in the world of hip-hop, which means, of course, it's time for us to take a look at the best songs of the past seven days.

First up is "How We Move It," an ill "This Is How We Do It" flip from Payroll Giovanni, B Ryan, HBK & Roc. We've heard a lot of remixes and song parodies, but you'll almost never find one as seamless as this one, as it turns a party song into a 2017 trapping anthem. The track is from Giovanni's Payface project, which dropped earlier this week.

Next up is the slightly enigmatic XXXTentacion, who showcased suprising vocal malleability in the Diplo-produced ""Looking for a Star (Can't Get You Out of My Head)." This song couldn't possibly be more different from "Look At Me," as the tenderness of his singing voice blends in seamlessly with Diplo's electronic-infused instrumental for an aesthetic that's very much 2017 pop. We definitely dig it.

B.o.B also checks in on our weekly list, dropping "Fan Mail," which is sort of like a 2017 of Lupe Fiasco's "Dumb It Down." On the song, B.o.B takes apart stereotypes and doubters simultaneously as he destroys the track with plenty of searing conviction and deft lyricism. You can find that track on his latest album, Ether, which dropped earlier today (May 12).

B.o.B wasn't the only rapper to drop a fire new project this week. The Bay Area's own P-Lo just dropped his eagerly awaited More Than Anything album, and on it, you can find "Much More," a soulful track that finds the talented Cali-representer reflecting on his come-up.

Of course, we'd be remiss to skip over the return of Bryson Tiller, who re-introduced himself this week with the NES-produced "Honey." On the track, Tiller serenades a potential love interest while reminding everyone why he became such a big sensation so quickly.

And that about wraps it up for us! Check out XXL's best songs of the week for yourself just below.

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