Rap merch tees continue to be a hot trend in the fashion world this summer and with a few more weeks left until the end of the summer season, today XXL rounds up the 12 best hip-hop merch tees you should own before the end of the season.

With the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Future and other major rap acts taking the road this summer for their respective tours, a number of rap artists have installed pop-up shops in select cities to help promote not only their tours but also their merchandise. Releasing exclusive merch items for specific tour stops, artists have created a new way to connect with a specific city and its fans through the power of merchandise.

The surge of rap merch items has also allowed for hip-hop artists to create new revenue opportunities and showcase their creative designing approach, depending on how involved they are with the merch roll out.

Merchandise items continue to be a vital tool for hip-hop artists in today's culture, and while some folks may not live in locations where their favorite rappers open up pop-up shops, there's always a chance to cop on the rapper's web shop that carries merchandise items. With that said, XXL focuses on rap merch tees and picks out the 12 best to get you right this summer.

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